August First Friday Event

Leaven Lenses Project

End of the Year Exhibition

a SWAG Program

Student Artist Statement

This summer, 13 students of various ages entered into the Leaven Lens Program (LLP.) In this program, we, the students, learned how to take photos with a DSLR camera. Learning that there is more to photography than taking pictures. We learned how to use the exposure triangle. Within the exposure triangle are three elements, shutter speed, ISO, and f- stop, we learned that these three things help to create the “perfect” photo. Along with the rule of thirds, composition, and lighting, our photography class was full of new words, camera elements and photos, lots and lots of photos. None of this would have been possible without our instructor, Mr. Darrell Weems. Mr. Weems is a great photography teacher because he is very calm and we appreciate the patience and time he took to break it all down to us. Using his background in videography and business savvy, Mr. Weems gave us his time and knowledge. We learned how to be creative and flexible and began to understand that mastering these things along with patience the world would be at our fingertips. This was a great experience, if you love photography and have the time next summer then this is the program for you.

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