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Cassandra Harner

Indiana University BFA in Digital Art, BA in East Asian Studies, minor in linguistics. Video and performance thesis. Screen printing and graphic design since 2015. Comic book and portrait illustrator. Current resident artist at Rubber City Prints.

Cassandra Harner is, to start out vague, a multimedia artist. She is also a tangle of contradictions, both extremely self-assured, and boundlessly lost. An artist must write her own bio in the third person, and Cassandra is already familiar with thinking of herself in this way, performing as personas and alter-egos in music, drag, and comedy. On the extroverted end, she is playing ukulele, the drums, singing and writing songs for bands such as Girl Tho, Dad Jokes, Secret Friends, and Ukulele Gaga. She makes music videos and commercials for local bands. She is a hyperfemme drag queen called Dusty Bucket, and a self-aware, self-absorbed piece of work, Kay-T Critiques.


While alone, she falls back onto her childhood passion of creating comics, telling the stories of her journaling, her friends, the fantasy backstories of rock bands like Butthole and Time Cat. She draws pastel portraits of her hairy queer friends, and tells the story of her relationship to her own armpit hair through comics and prose. She is a printmaker, screenprinting apparel and building brands and marketing merchandise. She’s an “artrepreneur” and a schmoozer at parties, but genuinely liked talking to you last week and wants to know how you’re doing. She’s eager to do your emotional labor, and her mom says she’d make a great therapist. Her exes, however, do not agree. They are still friends with her, which may be a distinctly lesbian characteristic, but also should mean she is a good, kind, mature person.


Through the conglomerate of Cassandra’s artistic practice, nothing is as fulfilling than when her work makes people laugh. Art shouldn’t have to be viewed by gravely nodding from a safe distance, Do Not Touch, observing somebody’s cathartic depiction of their personal suffering, or some relevant global tragedy. But, she takes art very seriously, and has no greater priorities, noted by her lack of savings and access to Food Stamps. It may be true that she doesn’t make art about suffering because she has never truly suffered, but she makes up for this deep lack of human experience for jokes, wig reveals, and not wearing a bra ever.


Her goals as an artist include finally getting into stand up comedy, or stripping, and she’s not sure which would embarrass her mother more. She is pretty punk rock, even though it’s not punk rock to call yourself punk rock, but she can provide references.


Christopher L Falcione

Sophomore at Kent State University for B.F.A. in Studio Art

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We live in a time where technology has been permanently integrated into our daily lives, and I like to remind us of this through my artwork. I also enjoy the exploration of the subconscious mind and how it has the power to make its way into visual art. Much of my work is inspired by dreams which are workings, essentially, of the subconscious and it's interpretation of our daily routine, sometimes including subliminal messages to help us see our lives from a very abstract-seeming perspective; which also plays a huge role in my creative process and helps create a foundation for every piece. I find inspiration everywhere: conversation, work, dreams, the internet, the bus, a word or sounds from music, colors, patterns, visual elements that are everywhere yet overlooked because they are everywhere. The list goes on, creating is my passion and the multitude of media to express ideas is constantly changing and expanding and it is exciting to translate my brain patterns into visual stimuli to create it in this physical world. Making ideas come to life is my passion, and I know this because when I am not creating I become irritable, anxious, or depressed so I am always using my hands, whether it be writing, holding a camera, a pencil, a crayon, pen, or a mouse to navigate digital space to manifest these ideas of mine. My creativity is compulsory. I like to imagine that ideas are like dragons of electromagnetic energy that drift through the air from one mind to another or out of the mind and project as a form of what we know as art. So, when one of these strange 'electromagnetic dragons' passes through me, by all means, I must make it happen. If I didn't, I would have no purpose here.



Ian Marshall

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting Kent State University May 2017

I view my oil paintings as abstracted blueprints for architectural segments in the world. My compositions are derived from my heavy photographic explorations of industrial aspects including interesting lineage elements, fantastic gradients found in the reflective quality of metal, and hard-edged shapes to weigh down the composition in a balancing manner. I utilize imposed color to augment the basic and generic nature of industrial surfaces and textures.


Danny Volk

MFA Visual Arts, University of Chicago; BA Theater Studies, Kent State University

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Danny Volk received a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art from the University of Chicago (Chicago, IL) and a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Studies from Kent State University (Kent, OH). His recent exhibitions, screenings and performances include The Baby Gap at Outhaus (Urbana, IL), Submissive Exhibitions at THE SUB-MISSION, As Stars at Daybreak for Hatch Projects at Chicago Artists Coalition, Made-Up with Danny Volk, Featuring Faheem Majeed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Live to Tape at Links Hall (Chicago, IL), Closed at Demo Projects (Springfield, IL), Danny Volk and Alberto Aguilar Present a Made-Up Double Feature W/ Live Studio Audience at the Arts Club Chicago, Desire at Editions Kavi Gupta (Chicago, IL), Presentism at PARSE Gallery (New Orleans, LA), among others. He recently received the Knight Art Challenge Grant through the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the DCASE (City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events) Individuals Artist Program Creative Project Grant and a Propellor Fund Grant.


Katlin Shae

B.F.A. in Textile Arts Kent State University and M.F.A. in Sculpture, Weaving, Material Studies from The University of Georgia

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My practice aims to find the cross sections between systematic methods and intuitive impulse, conscious vs. unconscious, the hand and the mind, chaos vs. control, learned philosophy and embodied wisdom. The work results in an accumulation of substance and becomes obsessive with excess of material, pattern, and labor. I break down weaving to it essence by using many types of looms and construction techniques in an effort to expose systems both visually and conceptually, resulting in an array of aesthetically and structurally diverse textiles. Weaving is used to embody time and transform materials. The process of weaving is sacred to many cultures and possess a rich history of traditional magic by creating symbiosis between mind and body. Oscillating between concrete and perceptive knowledge, we navigate our bodies through space time in the endless mesh grid similar to the grid structure used in weaving. It is the irregular patterns (or glitches) inside of the mesh that connects all things where glimpses of the sublime exist. By exploring my interests in the cosmos, the quantum world, and metaphysics I am hyperaware of the possibility for momentary entanglements with wonder. I experience the world around me through the act of making, conjuring transcendence during process.


Katlin Shae’s work is centered around the process of weaving, intertwining contemporary art with ancient craft. Receiving endless inspiration from the systems and patterns that are carried out on the loom, she is in constant awe of the complexities and possibilities that exist within the grid. Through physical labor and engagement with material she examines time and systems. Katlin Shae received her BFA in Fibers / Textile Arts from Kent State University, in Kent Ohio and her M.F.A in Sculpture Weaving / Material Studies from The University of Georgia, in Athens GA. She currently lives and works in Akron Ohio. Katlin Shae has exhibited extensively though out the United States in group, solo, and two person exhibitions in locations including The Ohio Craft Museum, The Biggs Museum of American Art, The Georgia Museum of Art, and The Arrowmont Craft School Gallery. Honors and awards include Surface Design Association’s Creative Promise Award for Excellence, Best in Show, Gallery Directors Award, and Complex Weavers Award. She has been published numerous times with inclusions in Research Magazine, Surface Design Journal, Complex Weavers Journal, ColorATL, Fold/Unfold, and Materialities: Contemporary Textile Arts.


Joshua Humm

Kent State University - BFA - Painting.

Humm utilizes a variety of styles and concerns, including both play and intention to approach his work. He is primarily involved in painting and likens the practice to a toolbox in which a multiplicity of media, applications, and-most importantly-history are contained and harnessed. Through replicating, layering, and/or manipulating, Humm experiments and revises to contemplate methods in which a painting and its contents can be perceived and experienced. Humm works to develop alternative narratives for global phenomena and a deeper understanding of self while continually seeking to better understand the history and conduits of painting. Joshua Humm received his BFA from Kent State University in 2014.

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