February Exhibition

Akron Soul Train:

Beauty Is

Where We Look

Digital explorations 2D and 3D

Eva Kwong

2/2-2019- 3/1/2019

Eva Kwong

November Artist in Residence at Akron Soul Train


My dog taught me to check everything out when we go for walks in our neighborhood.
He taught me to examine things anew each time even though we have walked the same
block for years. This summer I walked around my neighborhood in memory of my dog. I tried to imagine what he would have seen that I had missed. I found the ear shaped roots that seemed to be grounded to the eternity of deep earth. One of his favorite peeing spots. Why have I not seen these before ? I started to look at everything afresh with this change of attitude within me. I started noticing all the strange shaped roots, the abnormal galls on leaves and trees,the weeds peeking through the sidewalks, the peeling tree bark patterns and the shifting sunlight and shadows upon the ground,etc. I saw my neighborhood with fresh eyes. These 2D digital images were taken with my iPhone around my block and in my backyard.



My mother was a germaphobe who bathed my siblings and I in disinfectant baths when
we were little. I grew up being very curious about these bacteria germs that we cannot
see with our bare eyes but we were fighting against. My lifelong interests about what
germs might look like fueled my imagination and led me to make this extended series
based on my favorite microbes, bacteria, viruses, cells and diatoms in clay, watercolors, drawings, prints and 3-D printing. These new microbes are created from my imagination based on my studies of forms
from nature. These microbes are hybrids that I make up. They are both familiar and
exotic. I design them on the computer with Rhino and print them in PLA with a 3-D

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